Vibrant visual stories to feed your soul
Vibrant visual stories to feed your soul
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2020 Celtic Festival Fine Art Print: Fire Dragon
2020 Celtic Festival Fine Art Print: Fire Dragon
Linda Wiebe

2020 Celtic Festival Fine Art Print: Fire Dragon

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I created Fire Dragon for the 2020 Celtic Roots Festival in Goderich, Ontario. It comes in 3 sizes of fine art quality giclee prints on cold press bright white paper.

I have been making artwork for the festival since 1993 and this is 28th in the series. 

Each piece is created to tell a story and has become a visual invitation to an annual celebration of music, dance, storytelling and craft art in the Celtic tradition.

Prints will include the title "Fire Dragon" with my signature and year, 2020 and will come in in a clear bag with foam core backing.

Artist Notes for Fire Dragon
We dream them, imagine them and share stories we have learned of them.
You will have your own stories.
Use this one to illustrate your imaginings and love for dragon stories.
There are so many.
Creatures of chaos
Wurms of the earth
Egg layers
Water horses
Fire breathers
Chained and captive
Breaking free
This dragon has origins in the Welsh red dragon
but comes from a land without boundaries.
This dragon is a guardian of the natural world.
Connected to all of the elements,
with a circling tail like a tree rooted to the earth,
wings shared with the crane to fly in air,
shouldering the sun with spiralling rays that transform into breath of fire
and legs of water to balance the flames and recall more fluid origins.
Born on the eve of St Brigid’s day in 2020,
while the fires burned in Australia,
it felt at the time that there was too much fire in the world.
St Brigid is the patron saint of blacksmiths.
Formed in the depths of winter, it is an early act of preparation for our summertime Celtic Roots Festival community gathering.
We did not know then that this dragon would lead us through a year where we could not come together.
This dragon is containing the chaos of these times,
burning away what we no longer need,
holding the space
and offering us time to reimagine our world,
until we meet again.