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Art inspiration for life's journey
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Celtic Festival Fine Art Print: Huron Heron
Linda Wiebe

Celtic Festival Fine Art Print: Huron Heron

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I created the Huron Heron for the 2021 Celtic Roots Festival in Goderich, Ontario. It comes in 3 sizes of fine art quality giclee prints on cold press bright white paper.

I have been making artwork for the festival since 1993 and this is 29th in the series.

Prints will include the title "Huron Heron" with my signature and year, 2021 and will come in in a clear bag with foam core backing.

$5 from the sale of each print will be donated to the Goderich Celtic Folk Society in support of the Celtic Roots Festival, Goderich.
Artist Notes for Huron Heron

The element of air in this Celtic art series

is often represented by a long-necked bird

seen taking and giving flight

to the dancer, house, horse, turtle, bear, stag, hare, dragon…


This heron is friend not family to the crane,

carrying a story from Romano Celtic imagery in 1st c. AD

of 3 cranes, a bull and willow as the Tree of Life

being chopped by a wood cutter

perhaps as an allegory of winter.

The cranes become the soul of the tree

released after its death.


This heron is waiting.

Standing in the watery depths,

with feet like the roots of the willow

its Tree of Life companion at the river’s edge

steadfast to the demands

of the ever changing, flowing water.


This heron is waiting

and fishing for the days when we can gather

with our music, dance, storytelling, and artful craft

to swallow this festival whole once again.