Celtic Festival Fine Art Print: Swimming Otter
Linda Wiebe

Celtic Festival Fine Art Print: Swimming Otter

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I created Swimming Otter for the 2019 Celtic Roots Festival in Goderich, Ontario. The original is used in fundraising for the festival each year. These prints are available in 3 sizes and are giclee fine art quality on cold press bright white paper.
I have been making artwork for the festival each year since 1993 and this is 27th in the series.
Prints will include the title "Swimming Otter" with my signature and year, 2019 and will come in in a clear bag with foam core backing.

$5 from the sale of each print will be donated to the Goderich Celtic Folk Society in support of the Celtic Roots Festival, Goderich.
I write a poem story for each of my images.
Swimming Otter
Underwater spiralling
Joyful, night time swimmer
I make my home 
in the roots of trees
anchored at the water's edge
A river is healthy when I am here.
Have you seen an otter swimming in a river?
They have been seen
in an Irish story, The Voyage of Maelduin, where otters on the Island of Otter bring sailors salmon to eat.
And in the Voyage of Brendan an otter brought a hermit salmon and firewood.
They have been seen
drying the feet of St Cuthbert who liked to pray in the sea.
Helpful and friendly, they have been given the name "water dog."
They have been seen
Swimming in a row perhaps mistaken for the Loch Ness monster.
In a Welsh tale, the sorceress Ceridwen became an otter when Gwion transformed into a salmon
Have you seen an otter swimming in a river?
A river is healthy when they are there 
and so are our stories.

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