Vibrant visual stories to feed your soul
Vibrant visual stories to feed your soul
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2023 Celtic Festival Fine Art Print: The Celtic Frog
Linda Wiebe

2023 Celtic Festival Fine Art Print: The Celtic Frog

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I created the Celtic Frog for the 2023 Celtic Roots Festival in Goderich, Ontario. It comes in 3 sizes of fine art quality giclee prints on cold press bright white paper.

I have been making artwork for the festival since 1993 and this is 31st in the series. Each piece is created to tell a story and has become a visual invitation to an annual celebration of music, dance, storytelling and craft art in the Celtic tradition.

Prints will include the title "Celtic Frog" with my signature and year, 2023 and will come in in a clear bag with foam core backing.

Artist Notes

From the water’s edge we watch their beginnings

in springtime discoveries of jelly coated eggs.

Frogs remind us of our own transition in the watery womb,

an amphibious birth

from water to earth.

Frog bones are found in ancient Celtic burial sites,

a sign that our ancestors regarded their amphibious nature

as connection to both life and death.

In Irish lore, frogs are friends of the fairy folk

as guardians of treasure

and punishers of misdeeds.

From a lily pad, deeply rooted in the earth,

this frog launches with dragon fire legs

and crane wings for flight on air

diving into the water

to swim like a fish.


Today this frog reminds us

not to give in to misdeeds.

Be a guardian of the treasure that sustains life

from fire, air, water, and earth.


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