Vibrant visual stories to feed your soul
Vibrant visual stories to feed your soul
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An Online Silent Auction

Three of my artworks are up for auction in the 2023 Goderich CoOp Gallery Online Silent Art auction until December 15 at 4:30pm. They are, Star Flower, After the Rain and New Moon Secrets.

Click to find them in the auction. 

I feature them here to give them some love and honour and offer you insights into their inspiration to connect with those who might welcome them into their world.

When you click on each the images it will take to you directily their place in the auction.

Here are the words that come for them.


Blooming and unfolding 

guided by patterns of the stars

Embrace your inner power


Return to the fold,

a place of beautiful darkness

find your colourful light

This is is all that is needed for the journey

to the place of your birth among the stars.

This is a square painting. In the lower left quadrant there is a  four petaled flower of green, pink, white and yellow surrounding a rug hooked circle at centre. Yellow circular brushstroke are around the base of the lower two petals. A striped rectangle with mostly turquoise is top left and a fuchsia and blue rectangle is top right. White with textured scallops and a brushstroke of blue, yellow and red are in the lower right quadrant. Made from encaustic paint, the surface is texture. Two Xs made from sticks emerge from the surface in the top right quadrant.

Star Flower, encaustic paint and mixed media with rug hooked circle, on 12X12 inch wooden substrate with 1 inch painted sides

After the Rain

The joy comes through

when the earth makes an offering 

out of the watery gifts from the sky.

An elm tree in the upper left portion of the painting is a sillouhette on a purple blue sky. It grows from a low arching light coloured rainbow of pink, yellow and blue. In the lower half of the painting the left side contains textures of red and purple with a blue button embedded and surrounded by circular lines. On the right is a woven textured squarish shape of white and yellow ochre..

After the Rain, encaustic paint and mixed media, on 7x6 inches on unframed wood panel

New Moon Secrets

After nights of darkness,

it's exciting to see that new moon sliver, 

It is like she is opening up

to whisper a new secret

meant only for you.

Take a moment to

be still and listen.

An elm tree silhouette sits int he upper left quadrant growing out of gold flecks and a yellow textured striped earth. There is a small white crescent moon with a purple background with dots of white floating down to a patterned textured band of white in the lower quadrant. On the far right side an arc of green and yellow contains yellow and purple red dots.

 New Moon Secrets, encaustic paint and laser jet image on 6X5.5 inch wooden panel


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