Art inspiration for life's journey
Art inspiration for life's journey
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I have set up a new space for patrons of my work. You are a patron even if you come here to simply spend time looking at my art. It can take time to build a relationship with an artist's work so feel free to visit often.

When I post each of my pieces of art to this space, I realize that am setting up conduits of connection with you the viewer.

I visualize a myriad of things that might happen when you look at my art.

I see you reflecting on what you see. I see you making connections to something you have seen before, perhaps something in nature. I see you enjoying the colours. I see you enjoying the textures. I see you wondering what it is made of. I see you being transported.

I hope that while you look, you can take a deep breath and feel relaxed. I hope that you open to your imagination. I hope that you start to find your own story. I hope that you trust your instincts and start to dream and follow a thread. 

I hope that you go on a journey.

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