Vibrant visual stories to feed your soul
Vibrant visual stories to feed your soul
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I have set up a new space for patrons of my work. You are a patron even if you come here to simply spend time looking at my art. It can take time to build a relationship with an artist's work so feel free to visit often.

When I post each of my pieces of art to this space, I realize that am setting up conduits of connection with you the viewer.

I visualize a myriad of things that might happen when you look at my art.

I see you reflecting on what you see. I see you making connections to something you have seen before, perhaps something in nature. I see you enjoying the colours. I see you enjoying the textures. I see you wondering what it is made of. I see you being transported.

I hope that while you look, you can take a deep breath and feel relaxed. I hope that you open to your imagination. I hope that you start to find your own story. I hope that you trust your instincts and start to dream and follow a thread. 

I hope that you go on a journey.

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  • Sandy MacDonald on

    This is wonderful Linda, especially now, when connections are difficult. Your way of communicating always feels so personal.😊

  • roslyn cook on

    I love the messages and feelings in your work. I can stare endlessly and always get to “just breathe” There is an awesome amount of love and healing that comes through your work inspiring me on my path. Thank you Linda

  • Susan Glousher on

    Thank you for the newsletter. Website looks great Linda.

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